What Would Sharron Davies Do?

The show is performed by Lesley Emery. And in touring the South West and beyond in 2023. Contact us for details!

Photo credit: Janette Edmonds

Janis Barlow needs a bit of change, her marriage is shaky and at Angel Waves, the salon where she works, all the new hairdressing gimmicks are passing her by. Janis is getting older and she’s soooo unfit. Sharron Davies has always been her hero though even that’s become a bit tarnished these days. Janis does what anyone would do… despite having no swimming pool she takes up synchronised swimming. You can learn anything on the You Tube these days…


“Lesley is a skilled and engaging performer and Janis is a delight. “ Fringe Guru.

‘What a fabulous night – thank you for putting on such a lovely and also touching show. Lesley you are brilliant and I look forward to coming to more shows!’
Debbie from Sidmouth.

‘Lesley, you were stunning. Janis is a wonderful character and your performance engaging and honest. I had tingles throughout the show. I fell in love with Janis from the moment she came on stage. You captivated your audience and took them on a journey of laughter and tears. ‘
Ange from Colyton.

Photo credit: Janette Edmonds